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Bonjour! Do you think you’re lost…?


Things look a little different here at The Armchair Parisian, non?  Oui!  A while back I mentioned that there were changes brewing here and this spiffy updated look is just the start.  Soon, The Armchair Parisian is moving to a new address – The Armchair

But that’s not all that’s changing…. There’ll still be lots of wonderful Paris photos, however I will be turning over the writing on the new blog to my alter-ego who will tell you stories about her trips to Paris where she gathers inspiration for the gorgeous scarves she will be making available in the boutique this fall.  (Wait till you see them - j’adore! I have one of each already :-)  She’s a complicated woman with intriguing relationships….I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I have.  You can visit with her a bit here.

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But for now, there will still be regular posts right here below….


Place des Voges


Place des Voges, Paris

This way…?


graffiti, Paris

One of these days…


…or nights!

Velib, Paris, france

Let’s go….!


Metro, Paris

Street Art – Carry on….


graffiti, Paris

Layers of Buildings…


buildings, Paris

Light ala Père Lachaise


Pere Lachaise, Paris

Pere Lachaise, Paris

Pere Lachaise, Paris


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