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I shouldn’t have had that second bottle of wine…


statue, Louvre, Paris, Wine

A Moment in St. Severin


St. Sevrin, Paris, church



Typical Paris


Somewhere near the Musée du Louvre…

Paris, iron work, railing, balcony, Louvre



What I recall about my visit to the Panthéon was that it was within hours of my arrival in Paris, I was rather jet lagged and don’t recall much about it ~ glad I took these photos.  Must make note to revisit on my next trip for a more informed look.

Pantheon, Paris, St. Germain

Pantheon, Paris, St. Germain

Pantheon, Paris, St. Germain

Pantheon, Paris, St. Germain

I am glad I came across these images today ~ they reminded me of that afternoon that I’d all but forgotten.  I recall my mother and I left the Panthéon in search of lunch.  We were so famished we entered the first place we came to.  Think white table clothes, lots of silverware & glasses and a snappy waiter.  It wasn’t until we were seated with menus in our hands that we realized it wasn’t our kind of place ~ lots of fussy French food like brains of this, liver of that… We were too tired to be embarrassed about leaving ~ despite the fact that the waiter had to pull the table out for me to exit. (OK, so we were un peu embarrassed :-)  From there we found a fantastic little place where we likely embarrassed ourselves by laughing too much while we took silly selfies (before selfies were cool :-)  Jet lag can do that.

Sacré-Coeur from Buttes Chaumont Park


View, Buttes Chaumont Park, Paris, France, Sacré-Coeur

Typical Paris


Metro, sign, Paris, France

Musée de Cluny


I have always loved visiting the Musée de Cluny.  Not just for the gorgeous and mysterious Lady & Unicorn tapestries, but for the lovely treasures found everywhere in this gem of a museum.  Just a couple shown below.  I’ll share more anther day when I need a fix.

Musee Cluny, Cluny Museum, Paris, France, St. Germain Cluny_2_ArmchairParisian


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