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What I recall about my visit to the Panthéon was that it was within hours of my arrival in Paris, I was rather jet lagged and don’t recall much about it ~ glad I took these photos.  Must make note to revisit on my next trip for a more informed look.

Pantheon, Paris, St. Germain

Pantheon, Paris, St. Germain

Pantheon, Paris, St. Germain

Pantheon, Paris, St. Germain

I am glad I came across these images today ~ they reminded me of that afternoon that I’d all but forgotten.  I recall my mother and I left the Panthéon in search of lunch.  We were so famished we entered the first place we came to.  Think white table clothes, lots of silverware & glasses and a snappy waiter.  It wasn’t until we were seated with menus in our hands that we realized it wasn’t our kind of place ~ lots of fussy French food like brains of this, liver of that… We were too tired to be embarrassed about leaving ~ despite the fact that the waiter had to pull the table out for me to exit. (OK, so we were un peu embarrassed :-)  From there we found a fantastic little place where we likely embarrassed ourselves by laughing too much while we took silly selfies (before selfies were cool :-)  Jet lag can do that.

Sacré-Coeur from Buttes Chaumont Park


View, Buttes Chaumont Park, Paris, France, Sacré-Coeur

Typical Paris


Metro, sign, Paris, France

Musée de Cluny


I have always loved visiting the Musée de Cluny.  Not just for the gorgeous and mysterious Lady & Unicorn tapestries, but for the lovely treasures found everywhere in this gem of a museum.  Just a couple shown below.  I’ll share more anther day when I need a fix.

Musee Cluny, Cluny Museum, Paris, France, St. Germain Cluny_2_ArmchairParisian

Unexpected fun in the Latin Quarter


Ever have one of those crazy, impromptu nights in Paris?  On my last trip there with my mother, after dinner, we decided to go into a bar in the Latin Quarter.  The music was loud and thumping out into the street ~ not the typical kind of place we’d be drawn to, but for some inexplicable reason that night, we decided to go in.

St. Germain, Paris, France, bar

We easily found a seat and took in the scene ~ laser lights, bras hanging from the ceiling and drinks lit up like Bastille Day…CrazyBar_2_ArmchairParisian

..when all of a sudden, the music changed and every waiter in the place ripped off most of their clothes.  They all performed a mild dirty dance as well as lap dances for some of the ladies around us.  Sadly my camera’s battery chose exactly that moment to die and I think my mother was laughing too hard to snap any shots… but I did get this one before we left ~ seriously, too much unexpected fun.  And sorry ladies, I cannot recall the name of the place!CrazyBar_3_ArmchairParisian

Weird Things in Windows


Seen in the Marais one Sunday…

Paris, France, window shopping, Marais


Arc de Triomphe from a Different Angle


Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France


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